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Rabindranath Tagore, Noble Prize for Literature, prayers of, a Bengali poet and mystic




Hold my hand

Deliver me from my own shadows, O God,
from the wreck and confusion of my days,
for the night is dark and Your pilgrim is blinded.

Hold my hand

Deliver me from despair.
Touch with Your flame the lightness lamp of my sorrow,
Waken my tired strengh from its sleep,
Do not let me linger behind, counting my losses.
Let the road sing to me of the house at every step.
For the night is dark, and Your pilgrim is blinded.

Hold my hand

[ Prayer of Rabindranath Tagore ]



Christian thought - For the night is dark and Your pilgrim is blinded [ Rabindranath Tagore ]

Laurent & Ravo in Makay area, Madagascar



Red Dust de Comanche, Hermann et Greg



A man says to God : talk me :
Then a bird sings,
But the man doesn't hear it

The man repeats to God :
please talk me :
An insect in the grass
expresses a loud sound,
But the man doesn't hear it

The man looks around him and says :
God let me see you.
A bright light appears in the night,
it's a star,
But the man doesn't see it

So the man shouts :
God show me a miracle !
A baby was born,
But the man
doesn't understand the power of life


So the man cries
and gets discouraged.
God touch me said him.
Let me know that You are here.
Then a butterfly comes and touches him,
But the man
mechanically chases it away,
Sad and alone
the man continues his way,
With full of fear in his heart




... Accept me, Dear God ...

I have wandered in pursuit of voices that drew me,
yet led me nowhere.

Now let me sit in peace
and listen to Your words in the soul of my silence

Do not turn away Your face from my heart's dark secrets,
but burn them till they are alight with Your fire.

[ Prayers of Rabindranath Tagore
in The Heart of GOD - above and below ]


Give me ... the confidence that belongs
to life in death, to victory in defeat, ... !




If you didn't find God
is it a proof that God doesn't exist ?

Perhaps you have stopped just before to find Him ? Such as a man who searches gold and becomes tired and gets discouraged just at 5 cm of the seam. This man has just find not gold but mud and useless rocks [ Walter M. Montano ]




Yoko Tsuno de Roger Leloup
The most important is to be sure
to have eternal life




« For fervent Believer : to put apart for a Mission »

Sanctify them by the truth ; your Word is truth ... ( John 17 : 17 )

To sanctify means « to put apart », God wants to put us apart to transform ( to completely change ) our logic, our reaction by the act of of the Holy Spirit. With contact of God's Word ( the Bible ), we understand more and more God's thought for every things, for every events. The result : our way of looking, our way of thinking and our way of taking decision are completely transformed.

In this Mission, God doesn't say to us just to look as we look a film but He asks us to live in the world as witnesses of the Gospel. « As You sent Me into the world, I have sent them into the world. For them I sanctify myself, that they too may be truly sanctified » ( Words of Jesus Christ, the God's Son in John 17 : 18, 19 ). Our behavior has to show the big difference between God's thought and the way of thinking of this world.

[ 2014 Pleased to the Lord ]

                to bear fruit, Christian thought                





« Our Christian Life »

More we increase in our christian life, more the dangers increase, more Satan's trickery become subtle. These trickery come after common pleasures : the trust in our knowledges, the trust in our experiences, the trust in our acquaintances, the temptation of spiritual pride, the temptation of power in churches' services, the temptation of power in general, etc. ... We have to be more attentive about these trickery. But we know that, even if these trickery are very subtle, Jesus Christ has defeated them on the Cross. If we are in Christ, He gives us the complete victory.

[ Pleased to the Lord 2017 ]



Prayer of Rabindranath Tagore - The heart of God - Ravo.Madagascar, webmaster of Christian thought


Evangelical Songs

I was made to praise You

I was made to praise You
I was made to glorify
Your name
In every circumstance
To find a chance to thank You


I was made to love You
I was made to worship at your feet
And to obey You, Lord
I was made for You



Sing Alleluia

1- Sing alleluia to the Lord (2)
Sing alleluia (2)
Sing alleluia to the Lord

2- Jesus is risen from the dead (2)
Jesus is risen (2)
Jesus is risen from the dead

3- Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth (2)
Jesus is Lord (2)
Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth

4- Jesus is coming for His own (2)
Jesus is coming (2)
Jesus is coming for His own




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